The Barking Dog Play has been around since at least the 1970s; I've often heard it described by various coaches at basketball clinics. But until this video, I had forgotten about it.

I even thought of installing it once with one of my high school teams — Tom Brady might have been the designated barker, can't recall — but never had the heart to do it. It's just too stupid. But it's also effective, as Grace Lutheran Middle School of Jacksonville, Fla.,demonstrates here against an unknown opponent this past December.

As you see here, on an inbounds play beneath the basket, you send one player toward the baseline, where he gets on all fours and barks like a dog. Thus distracted, the opposing team doesn't notice your 5 guy cutting to the hoop where he receives the pass for an easy layin. Here's another example, this one which actually won a high school game (the pink uniforms only make it better).

Still confused? Let's draw it up on the chalkboard with Coach Kige Ramsey.

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