What's more shocking — that Rick Reilly has never met Dave Barry or that Kurt Warner had never spoken to Tim Tebow? Well, at least, one of these duos have finally made a connection.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Warner reached out to Tebow a few days ago, just to reach out, introduce himself, rap about The Lord, etc:

"I wanted to touch base with him, I was talking to him about a charity event I was doing, wanted to touch base and hope we can build a relationship moving forward," Warner said during ESPN The Weekend festivities. "It was more about life than it was about football. It was just getting to know him a little bit so hopefully I can be a resource to him down the road if he needs me."

You know, I can't wait until they both attend the Cornerstone Festival this year to hype up the young warriors of the Spirit, throwing out footballs painted white with gold crucifix seams.

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PHOTO: Tiricosuave.com