What's under that hat?: You know what's amazing about this? Larry Johnson actually looked at himself in a mirror before he left the house and thought, "Yeah, that looks right." [Pacman Jonesin']

I don't know what you're talking about: Get your MLS team previews. I'm just going to have to take your word for it that these are actual teams. [Soccer Tickets Online]

That's odd: Jim Bowden no longer works for the Washington Nationals, but no one really seems to mind. [The Nationals Enquirer + Why's My Head Growing?]

Great moments in broadcasting: If you thought Fox's dancing football robot was annoying, well you just aren't watching enough NASCAR. [East Coast Bias]

There's no I in forfeit. Wait ...: There seems to be some dispute between Mississippi State and Nicholls State over what constitutes a forfeit. Also, how many "I"s constitute the name of their schools. [The College Baseball Blog]


How you like me now?: Finally, an object lesson in trash talk. If you're going to slag on your enemy before a big game, you better make sure your team doesn't turn around and lose to them. [Hardwood Houdini]