Rendition this: Meet the man who had the guts to heckle the president. He'll be out of Leavenworth in 12-14 months. [D.C. Sports Blog]

Deja vu?: A new claim that Jeff Reed does not get along well with hand dryers. I'm not sure if I believe it, because being drunk at a strip club does not sound like him at a all. [PSAMP]

Plus who can sit through multiple Pirate games?: At least twelve MLB teams offer season ticket packages that are cheaper than one game in the box seats at new Yankee Stadium. But it is much less likely that you will be spit on, so there are trade offs. [Big League Stew]

Jimmy is pretty sweet on you: Adidas claims this shirt will make you jump higher. Yeah, well these shoes make my biceps look huge. [Not Qualified To Comment]

Choose wisely: You'll have to forgive me if I don't jump on the Creighton bandwagon. My knee is still stiff from falling off the Davidson one back in January. [Josh Q Public]