So much depressing news. That's why we'll end today with some pure, unbridled joy. The joy of seeing a monster truck with enormous tires topple over on a chilly Baltimore Saturday night.

Yeah. That joy. Yaggggggghhhhh!

Feels good, right? Sometimes when life hands you maple bat overdoses, NFL players lost at sea, cricket terrorists, recession Saturdays, cookie sheets to the face, it's important to remember that type of joy this man is experiencing — the untarnished joy only experienced by 8-year-olds and morons — is what keeps us sane.

See big truck. Big truck go vroom. Big truck fall down. Woooosh.

And to keep your spirits uplifted, I'll use the Championship Vinyl panacea:



Thank you for your continued support of Deasdpin. And Thanks to reader Scott Opirhory for the pic. Now, go out and find your monster truck ecstasy.