It's science: A totally reliable scientific survey reveals that European soccer fans prefer to see their lady wear their favorite team's kit instead of lingerie in the sack.

Actually, they would prefer to date Keeley Hazell, but this makes a better story. [Lion in Oil]

Take your time: Is this a hockey fight or a really long and slow dance of seduction? Oh, it is a hockey fight? Carry on. [Online Sports Guys]

He's doing very well for himself: We get it—Cristiano Ronaldo gets around. He's a stud. A player. A man whore. The bicycle of soccer town. He's got a way with the ladies, okay? [Sports Crackle Pop]

What a Hoosier: A salute to Kyle Taber, the man who survived the worst stretch of Indiana basketball ever. I'm sure he got a fine education. [Rumors and Rants]


Bo and Luke would be so proud: A very old school former NASCAR driver was busted for making moonshine in his garage. That's keeping it very real. [That's Racin]