Doin that stuff that you do: That's Dean Ween of the rock band Ween, hanging out with the New Orleans Hornets. There's nothing odd about that at all. [700 Level]

Better luck next time: The Arizona Cardinals are stiffing assistant coaches who have left the team this offseason, and keeping their Super Bowl bonuses from them. What... it's not like they won the Super Bowl. [ProFootballTalk]

Ice to meet you: A fifty-two-year-old man fulfills his lifelong dream of riding a Zamboni. He wasn't a big dreamer, okay? [Suldog]

I don't think that's a good look for you: Tom Izzo promised to shave his head if Michigan State won the Big 10 championship and Tom Izzo is a man of his word. [The World of Isaac]

Bonk: No matter what anyone tells him, Norwich City defender Jason Shackell simply refuses to believe that he had a header in his last game. Then again, he has been hit in the head a lot. [Off The Post]