A warmup dunk that shattered the backboard โ€” such a recurring problem with me when I played high school basketball โ€” may have cost a Montana team a shot at the state championship.

The Harlem High boys team was warming up for their Northern B divisional game with Shelby when one of the Harlem players attempted a dunk. The result is as you see it here โ€” Boom goes the dynamite! The problem is that an obscure rule in the state handbook states that any pregame warmup glass-shattering dunkage will result in that player's team forfeiting the game.

This has caused a great controversy in the state on Montana, as you can see in the comments. Questions abound. Why are dunks allowed during games, but not during warmups? Should an entire team lose its season because one player decided to rattle the rim? Was the backboard defective, and should it have been inspected before the game?

There's a Harlem in Montana? Yes, there is.

Well at least this prevented any negative cheering by the fans.

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