Everyone (i.e., me) rode the United Arab Emirates for denying an Israeli tennis player entry to their country, but judging by Sweden's reaction to a similar problem, the Mid-East nation looks like the sensible one.


The Israeli Davis Cup team is taking on Sweden this weekend in front of an empty arena in Malmo. No spectators were allowed in because anti-Israeli protesters threatened to disrupt the match. Of course, not being inside did not deter the angry mob. They stormed the arena, threw rocks, bottles and firecrackers at police and generally made a giant mess of things in the street. Because tennis players run the world, I guess?

Anyway, Sweden leads 2-1 after the sides split two five-set singles matches and then the Swedes pulled off a tough win in the doubles match. So some good tennis being played there, but no one can see it because they're blinded by rage.

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