Charles Barkley gave a press conference today from inside the Maricopa County jail, as he began his three-day sentence for drunk driving. Now that's how you enjoy a day off.

Apparently, he gets to wear his sweats instead of a uniform (since he's technically on "work release") and he's got a book to read, so that's nice. I would say that this must be a humbling experience for the round mound of downtown, but I don't think it's possible to humble Charles Barkley.

Seriously, being in jail—even for a day— is no joke, but something tells me 'ol Chuck is going to be just fine.

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That's it for me, folks. Today's big winners (so far): Pitt, Florida, Michigan, and the good people of The Netherlands. Big losers: Kentucky, Marquette, the D.R., and Mounties. (U.S.A.! U.S.A.!) This turned out to be a pretty good day of sports game contests and there's more to come if you want it.


_______ will be here tomorrow? Have fun tonight—but don't be like Chuck. (And don't go see "Watchmen." I really can't stress that enough. Terrible, terrible film.)