Aw, so you didn't get to preview the team you wanted. Guess there's nothing left to do but cry. Or you could GET A SECOND CHANCE to participate on Deadspin.

See, the last time Gawker Media tried to clone one of their employees, they experienced severe legal and ethical ramifications. So rather than try to create a dozen or so live bloggers in the lab, Plan B involves recruiting.

The first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament are the two days nobody gets anything done at work, which is slightly less than the average day of a Deadspin reader. The days also produce record highs in "illnesses" and mysterious deaths upon estranged relatives. WE CAN DO BETTER. In an effort to create negative productivity, we're going to use those days to host a shitload of live blogs.


I could do eight games over two days. I could also point out that even prepubescent Taiwanese entrepreneurs receive coffee breaks. Therefore, we need you [points specifically at you, through the magic of, let's say, leprechauns] to join the Deadspin live blogging sensation from March 19-20.

Drop me an electromagnetic piece of mail if you'd be interested in live blogging a game. Include in the message:

• Roughly where you live, not only so I know what regional game you'll be stuck with, but also because I'd like to crash at your place for a few weeks, if possible. If you have a satellite dish or some other way to watch whatever game you can (i.e., you are Digger Phelps), please note that as well.


• Which team's game you'd prefer live blogging. If two people want the same game, the tie will be broken by whoever didn't sleep with my sister. If both of you nailed her, then it goes to strength of schedule.

Rarely in life does one get an opportunity to do something great, something worthwhile, and something that will better our society as a whole. Until that time comes, you might as well help people stay entertained at work by doing a live blog.