Thank to the Little League mercy rule, the United States was spared nine full innings against a country that we literally own, but cannot beat in baseball. Just wait until Tommy Lasorda hears about this.

Thankfully, Puerto Rico will never be granted statehood or independence, so technically the United States beat itself by 10 runs in the World Baseball Classic further solidifying the mainland's awesomeness. U.S.A.! (and its territories!) U.S.A.! (and its territories!)

On the other hand, both teams are stacked with Major League talent and if Jake Peavy loses to Javier Vazquez sometime in July or August, no one will bat an eye, proving again that the whole thing is lark that should not be taken seriously. Unless you lose to the Netherlands. That would be so humiliating for the country that took another country's sport and modified the rules slightly to suit its own peculiar tastes. I don't even know who we are anymore.

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