The ACC final was pretty dull: Duke's greatest champion catches some z's at the airport. Hey, that counts as a celebrity sighting! [Friends of the Program]

To spite your face: If being an Aqua Velva man means smelling like Steve Garvey, I'll pass. [Home Run Derby]

Roid rage: Did Brian Cashman tell Jason Giambi to get back on the juice? That depends. Which answer will get people to shut up about the Yankees. [Bob's Blitz]

School sucks: An educational group says Dwyane Wade was supposed to help with their "Back To School" initiative, but I guess he dropped out. [Broward Palm Beach - The Juice]

And he should know: Smush Parker says playing with the Lakers is "overrated." Also overrated: collecting paychecks. [NESW Sports]


Can you get Versus in Japan?: Oh, man. In all this college basketball nonsense, I totally forgot about the finals of the Asia Hockey League. I DVR'd it though, so don't tell me what happened. [Sharkspage]