Binghamton winning the America East title and earning its first NCAA tournament berth is the only positive news that's come out about the school in recent months.

The latest incident involves a major gifts officer for Binghamton athletics, Elizabeth Williams, accusing a couple members of the school's athletic department of "egregious acts of sexual misconduct." Her complaints include the usual lurid innuendo, sexist comments, and public undermining at the workplace, and then there's this incident with associate athletic director Jason Siegel while they were at a fund-raising event:

At their hotel after dinner, according to the complaint, Siegel grabbed her breast in an elevator and told her he wanted to "make sure it was up to standard." She said Siegel spoke with her the next morning in the lobby, saying: "We're all O.K., right? Nothing happened last night."

Gah. Siegel's probably not going to be happy about that. Especially since he's on rah-rah duty for the university, trying to put the good word out about the BU Zoo before they battle mighty Duke tomorrow night:

"We're happy to report that we were able to sell more than 400 tickets. We know of hundreds of people who are going to join us and bought tickets on their own through TicketMaster, through the Coliseum at Greensboro. And we're just delighted with the turnout, we know we will be loud and proud down at Greensboro," said Senior Associate Athletic Director Jason Siegel.

Ha. Scumbag. Go Bearcats!

But honestly, here's what's been written about Binghamton's basketball program in the last couple months:

Catching up with the condom robber

The ex-player on the lam for the bar brawl beating

• The <a href="


">ethically challenged recruitment policies

And given all that...who still isn't rooting for them to just destroy Duke? And a team with 22 points and a chip on its shoulder, I loooove the Bearcats.

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