Well, today's the big day. Sixteen NCAA games, sixteen live blogs. If you're stuck working today or tonight, you can, I guess, "watch" the game from here.

The first one of these sessions begins at 12:20 p.m. (LSU-Butler) and runs through about midnight, when Illinois-Western Kentucky should end. Everywhere in between, there will be madness, chaos, and buffering Internet feeds. So just another Thursday.

Also I'd like to thank all of the 70-some-odd people that requested to do a live blog. I finally know what it feels like to recruit a cast of a reality show, except I don't think we got any applications from bi-sexual Asian chicks. Maybe next year.

Here is the full schedule for today's games, which is not only for your benefit, but also in case any of them are AWOL for their live blog, so I can publicly slander them on a later date:

12:20 - Louisiana State vs. Butler - Chuck Myron
12:25 - Memphis vs. CS Northridge - Ben Muschel
12:30 - Brigham Young vs. Texas A&M - Cousins of Ron Mexico
2:30 - Purdue vs. Northern Iowa - Boiled Sports
2:50 - North Carolina vs. Radford - Joe Novak
2:55 - California vs. Maryland - Rob Gindes
3:00 - Connecticut vs. Chattanooga - Brian Doyle
5:00 - Washington vs. Mississippi State - Andy Hutchins
7:10 - Texas vs. Minnesota - Wes Marfield
7:10 - Clemson vs. Michigan - Daniel Salama
7:20 - Villanova vs. American - Greg Dietz
7:25 - Gonzaga vs. Akron - Cleveland Frowns
9:40 - Duke vs. Binghamton - Jeff Lieberman
9:40 - Oklahoma vs Morgan State - Jerkwheat
9:50 - UCLA vs Virginia Commonwealth - Janna Smith
9:55- Illinois vs. Western Kentucky - Yoni Cohen


If anyone has any questions or complaints, just look for me. I'll be the one sitting in the corner rocking back and forth.