The Gus Johnson police report is here, and there's a little more to it than we were led to believe. Saturday's Blues City Cafe altercation wasn't just verbal; there was definitely a fight.

Johnson, who will begin his NCAA Div. I men's tournament broadcasting duties for CBS on Friday, has not been charged in the incident, in which he was handcuffed and detained by Memphis police after an altercation with staff at the Beale Street restaurant. Initial indications were that it was just a verbal altercation with Blues City manager Danny Reed, but then if that were the case, why did Johnson end up in cuffs? Weird.

So I drove from California to Memphis on a scooter, stopping only for gas, to obtain a copy of the report. Or, the Memphis Police Dept. faxed it to me (pick one). According to the report, Johnson not only complained about the food and the service at the restaurant that night, but the argument with Reed got shovey, and then the two ended up wrestling around on the floor. Puuuuure! The narrative portion of the report:

According to the report, Reed weighs in at 240, and is 6-foot 2, so it must have been fun. But since it was a he said/he said, and there were no visible injuries, no arrests were made.


From what I understand, bad service and mediocre food is not surprising at Blues City. But Gus, dude, you've got to chill. Have some more bread and save it for the cameras.