The President of the United States hates you, America, so much so that instead of fixing the economy like he was told to, he went on a silly talk show to trash talk disabled people.

Angry mobs are gathering torches to burn down the island of Manhattan as we speak, but Barack Obama obviously does not care about that. How else to explain why he would take 30 minutes out of his world-saving schedule to acknowledge Andy Katz, or worse, take 30 seconds out of his day to talk to Jay Leno. If that didn't make it clear enough that he doesn't give a rat's ass about your problems, he went ahead and made a crack about how retarded people can't bowl. Oh, that's rich.

See, we like our leaders clueless and out of touch. He really should make no attempt to connect with the people he leads and he should certainly stay the hell away from any bowling alleys. Otherwise, he might get a 16-pounder to the grill from the common people he so obviously disdains.

Because that's how real, non-mentally handicapped people do bowling. They get into brawls over lane etiquette and knock each other's teeth out. Please just go back to War-shington and do your very serious job, so the rest of us can return to bashing each other's heads in with bowling balls.

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