Your live blogger for this game will be the enigmatic Brett Kass and his collective of Californian comrades.

Pre-game: Welcome Deadspiners, coming live from sunny California we'll be covering what could be the most anticipated game of the tournament, Xavier and Portland St.

This could likely be the least watched game of the tournament.

Xavier, a 4 seed, is the highest seeded mid-major along with Gonzaga. Led by NBA prospect, Derrick Brown, Xavier is a well rounded team

Portland St., the nation's first salmon-safe university (thank you wikipedia), is led by the diminutive Jeremiah Dominguez, listed at 5'6".


Pre-Game: California comrade here. Although Brett managed to get us awarded this game blog, his hands are a little sore from the hour-long handjobs he gave to each member of the Deadspin editorial staff...actually on second thought, we may have ot write this without any input from Brett at all. It seems his throat is too sore to talk. But hey, Brett, way to take one for the team.

19:00 and the X-men are out to an early 3-0 lead. Nice red backdrop there in Boise. Plenty of good seats still available.

We're all happy Ken Bone is coaching here.

18:00: And Ken's Boners hit a three to tie it up at 5. The opening weekend powered by Totino's Pizza Rolls and Pabst Genuine Draft


16:30: Dominguez is CLOSE TO the Floor

16:30: Note to my readers, Courtney Love did not actually graduate from Portland St. What did Courtney Love major in?

Commercial Break: Does McDonald's even market to white people anymore?

Commercial Break: McDonald's uses the crappiest parties with the least threatening black people I have ever seen. This is where Wayne Brady got his start


15:00: Xavier up 10. This could get ugly.

13:30 Xavier's defense is long and lean but some how Coach Bone knew this. And Dominguez hits a three.

12:40: Terrible flop. My comrades have been drinking at every flop. Three people vomited during the Duke game.


12:00: And the Boners are feeling frisky, down by four we go to the commercial break. We were discussing most loathed Duke player. Wojo was the consensus #1, I had Reddick 2 and Langdon 3.

Also so far worst commercial of the Tourny: The Axe motorcycle ad.

11:30: Xavier is FUNdamental. Good dish on the other end for Jones.

11:00: Reverse tea bag. GROIN TO FACE!!!! GROIN TO FACE!!!!

9:44: 22-18. This game has actually turning out pretty good. Good shooting by Xavier and Portland St. is hoisting up three's by the fist full. I think close to 200 people are getting this game. A corner of Ohio and the city of Portland.


Dominguez doesn't look as small as Mugsy Bouges did when he was playing. He gives 5'6" High School PGs everywhere hope of playing D-1 ball.

8:30: BJ Raymond to make it 4 on one end, Portland St. answers back on the other. 24-22

7:18: Back to back threes. And commercial break. Why is Ameritrade even advertising anymore? Also Jim Spanarkel is a VP at Merril Lynch. Maybe it is time for him to quit his day job.


7:18: Between Nelson and Dominguez I think I've played against these guys in an IM basketball game. And it's a festival of missed FTs. 30-25 Xavier.

5:45: Dominguez hits one in the lane, then bricks a three after an Xavier deep three miss.

5:00: Two layups for Xavier, 34-27 Xavier. Another Portland St. turnover leads to a Jackson three and its back to a 10 point lead.


Commercial Break: Why Does Taco Bell need three varieties of nachos under $1?

3:30: Turnover, miss, turnover, and then Portland St. Layup, a great pace or as Spanarkel called it: Spurtability

2:30: And 1 for Xavier's McClain. And We've had 3 commercials within 3 possessions.


2:30: Under what circumstances are these two guys in the same car together eating meals at Sonic all the time? Stake-out? Cross-country trip? Are they dating?

1:30: 40-29 Xavier. Missed layups by both teams, they're slowing down the pace.

1:02: Dominguez banks in the runner AND 1. The announcers have called Dominzuez short roughly 30 times.


Last Possession: Portland St. holds for the last shot, Murray hits a three and Xavier goes to the locker room up 7. 42-35.

Half Time: So one of the Comrades here in California has claimed that he had intercourse with a woman in 24 seconds (he counted in his head). He was proud of this fact for some reason. He called his ex-GF and called her to confirm this fact, which she did over speaker phone. Question to the tens of readers out there: A) Can anyone beat this time? 2) would you be proud of this ability?

Half Time: CBS just cut to the AZ-Utah game. Has anyone lost more draft stock then Chase Budinger? Is Chase the gayest name on earth?


Half Time: Cut away to the Louisville-Morehead St. A close game at half is all of a sudden not close. Is it safe to describe Rick Pitino as cadaverous? Thursday had exactly one good game, the VCU-UCLA. Thank god today has been better.

Half Time: When the historians eventually get to Paul Walker's career, are they going to have a tough time differentiating the two "Fast and Furious" movies?

Starting the 2nd half: 42-35 the Boners start with ball and misses a 15 foot jumper. Xavier hits a three in transition off the miss. 45-35.


18:00: Three in and out for Dominguez, then runner for Xavier, 47-35 Xavier.

17:00: 3-2 zone for the Boners. The rebounding problem of the zone immediately becomes apparent, Xavier dunk 49-37.

16:18: Portland St. hits 1 of 2 FTs, sloppy back and fourth turnovers at half court lead to a TV timeout. 49-38 Xavier


15:38: Back from commercial, Xavier inbounds from 1/2 court. Xavier gets a good shot but misses the layup, Portland hits a three in transition off the miss. 49-41 Xavier

14:00: Never date a girl who likes King of the Hill. Check her purse, she has Kodiak in there. Xavier by 12 53-41.

12:30: Coach Bone is pissed off about an out-of-bounds call. 55-45 Xavier

12:00: Runner in the lane increases the lead to 12, Dominguez gets fouled and we go to commercial. 57-45 Xavier.


Commercial Break: The sexual tension between Howie Long and the 12 year-old girl is palpable. Isn't he on Megan's List somewhere?

11:00: The Xavier bench is destroying Portland, 59-45 Xavier. This game is getting out of hand.

9:30: Dominguez is going to have to step up BIG right here to get Portland back in this game. Dominguez has been called short now 56 times. 61-45 as Dominguez misses two FTs.


8:30: StevePerry pysch out is doing a better job blogging this blog then I am blogging the game. Xavier is taking over. 66-45 Xavier. Dominguez takes the George Mikan hook shot.

7:45: Xavier has 11 points in a row. Portland State's 6 foot and under intramural champs are now on the floor in Boise as Portland goes small.

7:00: Portland state finally hits a three after a set of Xavier FTs. The American Rick Rubio steps onto the floor, Mickey Polis.


6:00: Here come the Boners, 69-52 Xavier. Polis scored a career-high 14 points against Lewis and Clark University. Sacajawea is soft defensively.

4:30: 16 point game. 9 guys have scored for Xavier, they are a well balanced. Portland St. is not.

4:00: Easy layup for Xavier, bad shot for Portland St. 71-53 Xavier.

3:00: The number of craptacular CBS shows that are advertised in any given game is off the charts. Our Binge drinking game has taken the rule "Drink when CBS shows an ad for a shitty CBS show" off the books. 71-54 Xavier


2:00: Brown throws it down on the easy baseline move. Portland St. scouting report apparently didn't include the fact that he's left handed. 75-56 Xavier. Warm up the busses.

1:00: Another dunk for Xavier. Dominguez was shut down the second 1/2 and that was the difference. Xavier is dominating the Vikings on the glass. 77-56 Xavier.

0:00: Polis hits a three to end it 77-59. Thanks for joining me.