At what point will the NBA Twitter obsession be fully out of control? Or did that ship sail long ago? Paul Pierce is now the latest victim of this social media dork madness.

Make no mistake—these guys are dorks. If Twitter doesn't make 35-year-old Google engineers cool, why should it be any different just because the user is a multimillionaire NBA player? Pierce put out a call this weekend for fans to meet his car outside of whatever building his team plays in, give the secret password and receive free tickets to the Celtics game. That's some serious, Dungeons and Dragons stuff, if you ask me. And he's not the first to do it, of course. He got the idea from Shaquille O'Neal, who—let's be completely honest—is really the world's largest (in volume) nerd.

Even Mark Cuban (rich nerd) has started skipping his blog and taking his referee complaints directly to Twitter. It saves time, but not money. I wonder if the NBA also lets him pay his fines via PayPal?

Considering all the half-time Tweeting and elaborate pre-game choreography when do these guys ever find the time to play basketball?

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