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Campbell plays Detective Swifty Chillin, a no nonsense cop who's just lost his partner(his mentor) in a violent gunfight with some of the local mafia. Chillin' wasn't there, though, because for once in his life...he was just chillin' on vacation.

Now he has a new partner, Frances T. Mackin'(Zimmerman), a transfer from Smalltown, South Dakota, a big ol' country rube with an itchy trigger finger that's often covered in peanut butter. Initially, Det. Chillin' can't stand Det.Mackin'. But then after Mackin' saves Chillin's life ( he pushes him out of the way of a falling Thanksgiving Day parade float that was set on fire) and shows him a good time, the two become inseparable. The two really bond when Mackin' shows Chillin' his other talent — the ladies.


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