Hint: He now makes millions playing a different sport, and once dated Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel. Yes, it's Derek Jeter, whose mom once again forgot to bring the post-game orange slices.

Jeter shared some of his childhood youth sports photos โ€” apparently he also liked frisbee โ€” with Good Morning America on Tuesday to promote We Play, an organization he co-founded with Peyton Manning and LeBron James to promote youth sports. Yikes, how did this one get in there? Youth nightmare fuel.

The Good Morning America segment with Robin Roberts had all the appearances of a classic fluff piece until Roberts kind of surprised Jeter by rolling out a steroids question. Cool!

"Of course you know all that has been said about Alex Rodriguez and performance enhancing drugs. Have young kids asked you anything about that, and what do you tell them?"

Jeter's reply, about how there are "no shortcuts in life," and how "everyone makes mistakes" was kind of awkward ... even the kids he was posing with on the video feed weren't buying it. Bonus: Roberts mocks Jeter's "skinny little legs."


As far as We Play is concerned, when's the last time you saw a group of kids outdoors playing a pickup game of anything? An organization devoted to prying video game controls out of their little paws and kicking their butts outside has to be a good thing.

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