This is from an email that was forwarded to us this afternoon that was supposedly taken in a Houston hair salon while Roger Clemens had his highlights touched-up.

"Salon Francaise" is located in Houston, Texas but the exact time of when this photo was taken is unknown. If it's recent, well, Roger seems to have hair that grows like squirrel-tail grass since his head is shaved in most of the court photos of him. But maybe Roger's looking to go back to those by-gone days of lore when he was still the Greatest Living Pitcher Of Our Generation and not the man accused of steroids/infidelity/dushbaggery that we've come to know in the last year. Hey, if a new set of highlights is all it takes to get Roger's head right these days, then God bless him. I've known plenty of women who do something drastic with their hair when they've been through breakups too. It's cathartic.


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