The NCAA seems to prohibit its "student-athletes" from doing, well, anything, but prominent North Carolina baller Ty Lawson shooting craps in a Reno casino over New Year's is apparently cool with them.

For as image-conscious as the NCAA is, and as much as they freak out about sports betting, it's a wonder that they haven't prohibited their chattel from engaging in gambling, or gamboling for that matter. It's even more of a wonder that ol' gosh-dang Huckleberry Hound Roy Williams doesn't seem to have a problem with it. In college, a football-playing friend of mine was scared shitless of being seen in a casino during trip to Las Vegas for a University of Kansas away game against UNLV because it would reflect poorly on the school and on him. Ty Lawson, given the DUI and the gambling, evidently has not given such thought to his image.


Photos: Ty Lawson Gambling On Craps In Reno [Busted Coverage]