Scot Pollard could not be bothered to show up on time for his NBA TV duties and his co-host, Cheryl Miller, was not too thrilled with his lack of professionalism. Or his actual basketball skill.

It seems that Pollard's flight was delayed because of the weight of his championship ring that he earned by sitting on the bench while the other Celtics won the NBA title. Miller calls him out on his lateness, then goes totally off the rails when she learns that their bosses told Pollard he could delay his flight until game day. It really is a beautiful meltdown because it involves a classic comedy dilemma—a smart person desperately trying to get a dumb guy to realize how dumb he is, to no avail. It's even better because Pollard continues to goad Miller even though he's clearly in the wrong. (At one point, he even tries to bring Wilt Chamberlain into the argument, as if the fact that they both went to Kansas had anything to do with anything.) At the end, he challenges Miller to a game of one-on-one that he would most likely lose when he trips over his own shoelaces.

Imagine someone who actually has a plaque in the Hall of Fame being lectured about winning by some dope with a career average of 4.4 points per game, add in a lifetime of blatant sexism, and you can see Miller's struggle to keep her head from literally exploding. Wikipedia, baby!

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