Compared to Sabathia's performance yesterday, this effort wasn't so bad. But the newly-released Joba Chamberlain DUI arrest video still cannot be good news for the 0-1 Yankees.

We all recall how Joba spent a night in mid-October drinking at a strip club and was subsequently stopped by Lincoln police, and how it was all the fault of a Red Sox fan, right?


Newly-released video footage of the Yankee righthander's October arrest in Nebraska shows an unsteady Chamberlain weaving to his left after a state trooper plucks an open bottle of booze from his car. The video appeared on It showed the first few minutes after Chamberlain was pulled over for doing 70 mph in a 55 mph zone last Oct. 18.

Trooper Michael Grummert removed the bottle and placed it on the top of Chamberlain's BMW before ordering the pitcher to walk a straight line while counting his steps. By step nine, the polite and cooperative Chamberlain is stumbling to his side.


The video is here.

Chamberlain, No. 5 in the Yankee rotation, is scheduled to start on Sunday in Kansas City. He pleaded guilty last week, receiving nine months probation and losing his license for 60 days. As part of a plea deal, the charge of driving with an open alcohol container was dropped.

And now let's go to the comments:

Forget about failing a sobriety test; he failed a fashion test. He's dressed like a mime. — Fronk Apr 7, 2009 1:22:38 PM


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