It's Week 4 of the Deadcast, and we continue our extremely slow progress into something barely resembling a polished, professional broadcast. Helping the cause this week is our guest.

Yes, it's Pro Football Talk editor and the original inspiration behind the Great Moments In Sports Poop History series, Mike Florio.

I talk with Florio about the genesis of his site and the Internet contributions of bored lawyers the world over, why working at home turns everyone into Jack Torrance at some point, Florio's self-published football sci-fi novel (He never told me the title of it. I bet "OUR QUARTERBACK IS A CYBORG!" is a close guess), and why the NFL needs to institute corporal punishment.

From there, we move onto the Cutler deal and how Bus Cook ended up stealing the "NFL's #1 douchebag agent" title from Drew Rosenhaus, the Seahawks' sudden urge to draft a QB, how the draftee evaluation process is designed to make prospects eventually fuck up, the intimidating nature of letterhead, and why the bloated rookie salary scale is hurting the entertainment value of the Draft.


And of course, we discuss Terry Bradshaw's unfortunate nondeath. It's 50 minutes that might actually end up entertaining you. I even learn halfway through to NOT step on every goddamn word the guest says. Miraculous.

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