There was a time when the New York Mets welcomed young children into their stadium with open arms, but now that they're in a new clean stadium and not some old junkyard....screw those kids.

You see, ever since the dawn of baseball time (a.k.a. 2005), the New York Mets have had special Little League Days at Shea Stadium where young ballplayers (about 1,200 kids or so) got cheap tickets to a big league game and a parade on the field. This year, however, Little League organizers are finding no discounts in the much smaller and much, much more expensive AngryTaxpayerBailout Field. And the parade? Ha! Keep dreaming, kid.

This year, however, the Mets have told league officials including Bayside Little League President Bob Reid, that the teams may only be able purchase 500 (or less) tickets at full price [emphasis added], and they can't guarantee they will be able to have the parade on the field prior to the game.

"The Mets organization is telling me that unfortunately we have 15,000 fewer seats, and we can't do what we have done in the past," said Reid, who is a longtime Mets fan that recently had the opportunity to tour Citi Field and thinks it's great. "I think they are just forgetting the little guy."

Some Mets lackey responded by snarling, "We're in direct dialogue with the parties involved and hope to reach a resolution soon," right before spitting in a baby's face and then kicking a dog. (I'm assuming.) Some Little League coaches are so fed up they might take their kids to a Brooklyn Cyclones game on Coney Island, where the drug dealers will have much easier access to their impressionable young minds.

"It makes me feel like the Mets are only interested in corporate America not the community baseball league that is in their neighborhood that has supported the Mets forever," Elorza said.

Corporations?! Boo, Mets. Boooooo.

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