Please don't take any "What cast member of 'Saved By The Bell' is your 4-star basketball recruit?" quizzes on Facebook, unless you want your program to get slapped with an NCAA violation for being dumb.

College fans have taken to creating fan pages or groups on Facebook in an effort to lure top talent to their favorite schools. Because most players really seek out the respect and advice of 2,000 anonymous internet friends. It's a stupid idea to be sure, but it may also be a recruiting violation. North Carolina State has actually asked one of their students to remove his "John Wall PLEASE Come to NC State" group on Facebook ... and not because John Wall would never go to N.C. State in a million years.

Students, alumni, and boosters cannot contact recruits on their own and Facebook groups are totally, utterly, completely useless—but it would still be hilarious if a team got slapped because its idiot students thought they could change the world with a status update. (If would also be funny if the NCAA did anything worthwhile ever, but that's another story.)

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