An enterprising video game developer is working on a video game that combines "Grand Theft Auto" with "Tiger Woods PGA." I think even Russian mob-connected carjackers might find this one offensive.

Their first project is "Ghetto Golf," a planned downloadable game featuring a scrappy young guy named Vonte in the Bay Area who has to find and complete tricky holes of golf that are set in the wilds of the city - and in the line of fire of gangsters, cops and enemy golfers....

One of the playable scenes they showed involved the hero Vonte needing to use his exploding golf ball to blow up a car that someone was ghost-riding. The player could sheath Vonte's machine gun, flick past his spiked golf ball and his rubber golf ball to try his explosive golf ball and aim it with a swing at the car.

Ummm ... okay. I was just thinking the other day that what the sport of golf really needs in more assault weapons. I just wish there was easier way to bring that old school racial intolerance back to the links, because I don't think my local private clubhouse has a Playstation 3.


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