Everyone's favorite Cowboy blogger has been off for a week, but he came back with an important post that will surely further a difficult, but necessary debate—why do black people love the fried chicken?

Martellus Bennett begins by conceding that chicken is delicious. (That's true. It really is.) But why the stereotypes? Does the black-white divide even exist? What is President Obama's place in all this? These are tough questions to be sure, but Martellus thinks he has the answers. Let's look at his analysis:

here are some of the answers to my survey! I asked numerous people.

1) everybody likes chicken not just black people.

2) because it's greasey and black people use grease (LOL)

3) because back in the day that was all they were able to eat. Everyone else would eat beef and not chicken

4) I don't know fool. Haha.

5) because it's in our DNA (really)

6) because it's let's fattening then red meat

7) because you can cook it with anything

8) it makes us run faster and jump higher

9) during slave times chicken was considered dirty so they fed it to the slaves.

10) the media makes people believe chicken is all black people eat. I'm black and I don't like chicken. (hahaha yea right)

11) my answer: everybody loves chicken despite race sex gender chicken is scrumptious and everyone enjoys it. If you haven't had chicken go get some.

Amen, brother. Good chicken can transcend all racial boundaries. I have a dream today and that dream is No. 3 on the combo menu at Popeye's. Spicy, please!

Why do black people love chicken? [Cowboy Insider Blog]
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