The tension building around the first overall pick has been punctured with anonymous sources for, I think, the 312th straight year. We know that Matthew "Matt" Stafford will be the Lions' guy.

And it won't cost them much. Just $72 million. (Oh, but it won't be that much. Don't worry!)


Rumor has it that the Lions took Stafford because his scouting report said that his name could be re-arranged to spell "Ford Farts," which is too hilarious not too draft him, despite naysayers who project that Stafford doesn't have two "R"s in his last name. Lions general manager Martin Mayhew would likely call those reports "pessimistic" and "without merrit."

In all reality, nobody's going to give Mayhew a pass because he was basically Matt Millen's right hand man during the entire decade. (I really hope everybody knows this. The Lions couldn't win a single game and they still didn't clean house. They just promoted from within. Corner. TURNED!) But no matter who he picked today, people would probably raise eyebrows, so it's best to reserve all judgment on the Stafford selection until, let's say, five years, when the Lions release Stafford and look to draft another franchise quarterback.

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