They tinkered with this year's draft by moving up to 4 p.m. so Guamanians could watch it in the middle of the night. Did it work?

Well, who the hell knows. But it seems like any league's solution to getting more revenue dollars is to move up their event a few hours. The 2009 World Series games, for example, will begin at 1 a.m.

Some factors of the NFL Draft I've never been a fan of:

• Suspense diffused by the No. 1 pick being signed before Draft Day
• Suspense diffused by players behind the scenes on cell phones
• Players in attendance behind the stage


So here's how you solve it. Randomize the draft order in the mold of the NBA lottery. HOWEVER. Do it the day of the draft. This causes teams to react and adapt, just like they do in football games. Perhaps have general managers draw straws. Or play Price is Right pricing games. (How much was Aaron Curry's leather suit?)

Next, have the prospective draft picks sit in the front rows, like they do in award shows. Don't hide them from the world. Then, have a host. Someone like Dane Cook Ryan Seacrest Seth Rogen Jimmy Kimmel okay, never mind about the host.

Start the draft at 10 a.m. That way, in the event that the first few picks are still predictable, people are waking up for the surprises and, by the time nobody cares anymore, they still have the afternoon to kill.


Finally, add to the gravitas of the day by booking James Earl Jones to announce the draft picks. Man, what a voice. Dude could recite the minutes of Ypsilanti, Michigan's city council meeting and I'd be hooked.

This concludes the daily broadcast of Deadspin The Sports Blog. It's been as fun as it ever was. And now for something smooth and refreshing. You've earned it.