Russian hockey prospect Alexei Cherepanov died on the ice last year and in the post-mortem was accused of blood doping, an accusation made slightly more credible by these photos of him happily taking injections in his arm.

Obviously there's no way of being absolutely sure about what is actually going on here, but when you add it to reports of lawyers and bad drug tests you can probably go ahead and jump to some conclusions. Also, the photos were sent to his family with the file names "addiction" and "addiction2," so it probably wasn't vitamins.


On the other hand, this whole story assumes that Yahoo's Russian-to-English translator works properly. ("We see on two others how someone carries out the unestablished procedure. I sent to their inspectors with the request to introduce to the materials of the matter", he said amphitheatres.") Heck, he could be giving bone marrow to sick children for all we know. But he probably wasn't. And he's probably not the only Russian hockey player who has spent quality time in that bed.

Адвокат Черепановых попросил приобщить к делу фото [AllHockey; Translated from Russian]]