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Dateline...Tampa. Two dudetastic Devil Rays fans are proud to say they've become part of the Kenny Powers Jersey movement. Meet Charlie O and his buddy Steve. Preach, Charlie!:

I've seen your running posts about Kenny Powers jerseys, so I just wanted to send you two photos of the ones I made for me and my buddy Steve. These were custom-made through

We live in Tampa and thought it was awesome that Kenny was getting ready to come here in the season finale, so I made us two Rays jerseys with his name and number on the back. They have been quite a hit whenever we wear them out to the bar or to a Rays game.

I wonder what he means by "a hit?" Random strangers running up to him with a beer yelling "It's Kenny Fuckin' Powers!" or did their wardrobe choice result in more positive, tangible results, e.g., an impromptu orgy in a bathroom stall or people stuffing hundred dollar bills down their pants. The possibilities are endless.


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