Bruce Pearl is tireless in his pursuit of younger, very attractive women. Even married mother of three, Layla Kiffin is not off-limits from his creepy advances.

The artist formerly known as C'la Travis writes that the excitable men's basketball coach was asked at a UT alumni reception how he's been getting along with UT football coach Lane Kiffin, who was also in attendance, and Pearl, god bless his horny little heart, had this to say:

"I'm trying to date his wife. But that's not working out too good."

Now, ordinarily, this type of off-handed remark might be taken as good-natured ribbing, but remember how annoyed Lane was when Layla was Google-searched en masse by professional internet masturbators soon after he was hired. Will Pearl get a complimentary Lane Kiffin Schnozz Smash for his comment? Can't say we'd blame Kiffin for that one. But they appear to be getting along swimmingly and apparently received a standing ovation at the event.

Another factoid: As a Florida Gator undergrad, Layla was a member of the notorious Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, which counts America's Sideline Princess Erin Andrews as one of its members.

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