Things got a little chippy during Atlanta's 106-91 mugging of Miami, but that seemed okay with the Hawks radio crews—as long as "the great Dwayne Wade" was on the receiving end of the rough stuff.

Here are some funny clips from last night of "Voice of the Hawks" Steve Holman mocking Dwayne Wade's supposed diva-like qualities. I guess. Constantly saying his full name in a sing-songy voice ("Dwayaaane Waaade") seems to imply that he doesn't have a lot of respect for man.

My favorite part is when Holman channels the spirit of Wade saying—in a perfect imitation, by the way—"You can't foul me. I have a hurt head. I'm Dwayne Wade." Then his unknown partner chimes in with: "I do commercials." Zing!


Game 6 in Miami should be interesting, if Wade can be bothered to take a break for his lavish pretty boy lifestyle, especially after Josh Smith tried (and failed) a between the legs windmill dunk late in the blowout. Flagrant fouls, showboating, announcer mockery? Now that's good radio.

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