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The story of the "Hipster Grifter," a tiny Korean woman who was accused of writing bad checks in Salt Lake City, Utah, colorful quotes on cocktail napkins throughout Williamsburg, who hijacked the internet in recent weeks, is pretty insane. Why am I giving her a piggyback ride? No idea. But the good people over at AnimalNY tracked her down, convinced her to do a photo shoot and a video confessional last night and invited me along. As diabolical and crazy as she's reported to be, Kari Ferrell is also a devoted Utah Jazz Fan. She spoke lovingly of Kyle Korver and D. Will. She can't wait for Boozer and his bloated contract to go away. (She regrets that pink jersey she has of him. For many reasons.) She's also thankful that longtime Jazz announcer "Hot Rod" Hundley has finally retired. She's a remarkably charming little girl, who is obsessed with basketball and, you know, stealing shit. (Kidding.)

But she did tell me that after she's done with all her legal stuff and comes back to New York, that we should go to the Garden to see a game. "I used to have season tickets when I was in Utah," she said. "I miss that."

That seems like a great idea. What could possibly go wrong?

Meet the Hipster Grifter: ANIMAL Spends the Night With Kari Ferrell [Animal NY]


Good morning. Let's go.