Forget about NASCAR's restrictor plate insanity—what racing authorities really need to concentrate on is how to keep the time-honored sport of figure-eight school bus races from turning into a degrading carnival side-show. Remember when it used to be about the bus driving?

Not that we have anything against school bus races, but 11 people were injured at a local track in Ohio on Saturday night after an accident sent buses flying through the retaining wall and spraying spectators with chunks of concrete. None of the injuries were life threatening ... this time.

Accidents do happen in racing—especially when you race on a figure eight track that encourages accidents. Maybe that's why Columbus Speedway called the festivities "Crash-A-Rama" night? Whatever the case may be, let's put a stop to demolition derbies that actually destroy cars and fences (and maybe don't stand right next to the fence that the buses are heading directly at?) and get back to the purer, artistic form of school bus driving that our grandpappies used to love so much.

At the very least ... shouldn't they be driving short buses?

Bus Race Accident at Ohio Speedway [Michigan Circle Track]