We produce a lot of posts every month. Most of them disappear quickly. Some of them don't. Here are the 10 most popular posts from May, starting with No. 10.

La La Vasquez, Carmelo Anthony's longtime fiancee, is asked to leave her courtside seat in Dallas after an "incident" with some people sitting behind her. Then Mark Cuban and Kenyon Martin got in a fracas. But the hero of this story — La La, of course — got the last laugh when the Nuggets ended up beating the Mavs.

In which Leitch rhapsodizes about the TMI age: "Realize, we are just about a year away, tops, from someone writing one of those gimmick books about staying away from the Internet for six months and seeing what happens, like that couple that had sex every day for a year or that guy who tried to live for a few months as if he were a Civil War general." (Apparently, that's not his next book.) Also, he writes about Simmons and John Danks, but mentioning Rick Ankiel is too painful.

Feliz cumpleanos, Erin Andrews!

The news of Manny Ramirez's steroid news broke, but Deadspin was almost all over it for a few months. The true story of the one time Manny decided not to Be Manny.

Melanie Collins, "or: Reason 1,345 why it's tough to be a female working in sports media."

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then consider these 33,000 words about the decadence of the Kentucky Derby better than anything Hunter S. Thompson ever penned. OK, maybe not. It was worth a shot.

Michael Phelps: Loves the dope, addicted gambler, emotional basketcase, bad tipper, paranoid of paparazzi, loves his mom, won a lot of gold medals. So much we learned from an exotic dancer.

Allison Stokke is up for a Spike TV award as the guys' choice sexiest athlete. If she wins, she might actually collect the prize. It is prestigious, after all.

"Let's review all that is going on here. The guy's name is Dr. Bummer. He's a gynecologist. He has a Steelers jersey that he personalized with his own name in the cheapest DIY way imaginable. He chose to wear said jersey on national television. He miraculously gets chosen to come on down and then decides to bid "69 dollars" in the opening game. And as the ultimate icing on the cake, he wins. The only thing that could have made it better is if he had performed an ultrasound on the pregnant "Barker's Beauty." (I still call them that.)"

The next (and first) school to hire Drew as its commencement speaker is due for... well, something. Wear sunscreen. And do many, many more things, including Porky's Revenge.