One of George Foreman's eponymous sons began his illustrious boxing career with a time-honored tradition—beating up on a human tomato can. Everyone involved in the making of this post should be ashamed of themselves. (I know I am.)

George Foreman III, the second of Big George's sons, does bear a striking resemblance to his father. Unfortunately, the resemblance is closer to 40-year-old comeback George than the gold-medal winning monster who terrorized boxing rings in the late '60 and early '70s. Luckily, "Monk" Foreman (as he is known around the house) found an opponent who bears an even greater likeness to the physical form of his current grill salesman father, so he threw his arms at that guy for 90 seconds and presto ... undefeated!

Watching the video of this pathetic excuse for a boxing match makes me sad for the gloves. At least the punching bag in question, Clyde Weaver (now 0-2 lifetime) has an excuse. He needs the money. So what's Foreman's excuse? Why is he even trying to become a boxer? (At age 26, no less.) This horrifying display of athletic ability hardly conjures up images of Daddy's dominance, which he could never match in a million years anyway. And you're not helping matters, Michael Campbell of the Houston Chronicle:

"Monk" Foreman knocked out Clyde Weaver of Parsons, Tenn., in the first round with a series of power hooks that looked like he had cinder blocks in his gloves.

Really? Cinder blocks? Weaver looks more like he's suffering from an ice cream headache than a construction mishap. Do something else with your life, Monk. You have a business degree and all that grill money at your disposal. Open an animal shelter or a hardware store or something. Then you could give Clyde Weaver a real job.


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[Photo: Karen Wink/AP]