With his career free-falling since Kurt Warner nabbed his starting quarterback job and the run of bad publicity thanks to his infamous bong-and-bimbo photos, Matt Leinart has decided to add MMA to his offseason redemption training. Oh, and Jay Glazer.

Glazer's MMA enthusiasm has been written about numerous times and after he spent last season kicking the crap out of the Minnesota Vikings' Jared Allen, Leinart asked him for some assistance this year to shake-up his routine and knock some the skank bait out of him. Glazer spoke about Leinart's intense training on the DP Show last week and emphasized that he's doing everything possible to make Leinart "throw up and quit everyday."


The Mighty Matthew J. Darnell over at Shutdown Corner has the video evidence in case anyone thought this was part of some elaborate Fox Sports ruse. There is no puking in this video, but plenty of sweaty Leinart and shimmery Glazer.

Good for Leinart. I'm glad he decided to go to Glazer instead of some of the other football reporter-run offseason training boot camps like the slightly less popular EXTREME! water calisthenics with Len Pasquarelli. It probably wouldn't have the same effect.


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