Poor Bud Selig can't walk in front of a camera without inspiring a visceral sort of loathing among, well, everyone. Case in point: last night, the baseball amateur draft's primetime debut.

The commissioner-for-life was around to announce the picks, a relatively simple task that David Stern uses once a year to trick everyone into thinking he's human. But if Twitter is a representative sample of the country — and, lord, let's hope it isn't — then Selig failed miserably. In fact, according to his critics, Bud Selig is ...

"... almost uncomfortable to watch"
"... a charmer"
"... worse than dull."
"... [awful] at absolutely everything he does."
"... lost in the green room"
"... just awkward"
"... the most unsmooth commissioner in the history of sports."
"... boring lol he looks so robotic."
"... an inept moron"
"... awful at this draft business"
"... the first person I have ever heard pronounce a certain Ohio city as "Cincinnat-uh." (note: certain Ohio city is not Cleveland)"
"... not amused by applause."
"... a skinny guy, yet he spent $400k last year on meals"
"... just awkward announcing the picks"
"... a colossal douche bag"

And my favorite, for the sputtering yet economical expression of hatred:

"... such a... fuck bud selig."

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