A Little League coach in Washington State was arrested for burglary after enlisting kids from his team—including his own son—to help him break into an empty shop. The haul? Overhead lights and bolts. What a mastermind.

Snohomish County sheriff's deputies were called to one of the players' homes after the boy told his stepfather that his coach had taken him along to break into a shop in Arlington, Okoloko wrote.

The stepfather was angry that an adult would use the boys to commit a crime, and, even worse, "that the adult was his son's baseball coach," Okoloko wrote.

The boy told investigators that [George] Spady's son crawled through a vent on the back side of the shop and unlocked the door for his father. Spady, his son and Spady's nephew then went inside and came out with light fixtures and some other items, according to court documents.

The boy told investigators that Spady yelled at him to go inside and grab more from the shop, and told him to hurry up because he saw a truck drive by, Okoloko wrote.

The boys will not be charged because they have a game next week—and they might actually have a chance to win now that this dope isn't coaching them anymore.


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