Here we are. Game 7. Should I spend the next few paragraphs trying to regurgitate as many clichés as I can about the finality of the ultimate do-or-die scenario or just show you a picture of Greg Ostertag on skates?

That was easy. Okay, back to the game. There isn't much to add other than to say that the bad news is that this monumental game is being played on a Friday night, but the good news is that NBA Finals are not also on at the same time. As hopeful as I've been about this season and these playoffs and what it could mean for a revival of hockey in this country, here's a painful reminder of how much further the NHL still has to go. Seattle's main NBC affiliate is not showing the game tonight so that they can bring you local news, followed by a rousing episode of Inside Edition. I mean, there's always another Game 7 right? (Sigh.)


Whatever your plans are tonight, I suggest they involve a restaurant/bar that has many large television screens in strategic locations. It's been a competitive, entertaining series (or not) and with any luck you'll get nice big sendoff to leave you wanting more in the fall. No predictions here; I just like to watch and you should too.

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