Luis Castillo is now the face of the New York Mets' misery. All he had to do was catch that popup, and we're not talking about him.

But Alex Rodriguez's pop up was handled ... poorly. The dropsy enabled A-Rod to pull off the rare walk off pop fly against the Mets, 9-8. And you really have to feel for the guy, because that could've been any one of us back in grade school, when boys were boys and men were living vicariously through those boys.

It could've been you, standing in right field, not quite sure why you're playing baseball in the first place. A ball might be hit in your direction, but not right at you, causing you to run. In a flash, the ball gets by you. And since this is little kid's baseball, there is no back fence, so that thing just rolls forever. Parents everywhere are yelling "RUN! RUN! RUN!" Some of them are for the kid that's going to hit the inevitable home run. Some of them are your parents and your coaches. "Run! Run as hard as you can! C'mon!" I am running as fast as I can, coach! Maybe you should worry about your son not growing up to be a drain on society! The ball stops. You turn around and throw it back to the infield, but by then, the other kid has already reached home plate and is celebrating. That was the first batter of the game. The entire opposing team is now aware of the benefit of hitting it to right field.

Game 2 of the Subway Series is tonight, Andy Pettitte vs. Fernando Nieve. Should be entertaining!

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