So, hi. It's Sunday. I'm tired. You're tired. Or you're probably outside, sprawled out under a sycamore, drinking lemonade, daydreaming about that pretty fish you caught one time at the big lake, as a young woman paints your toes.

Stanley Cup

But it's times like these when desperate inspiration kicks into overdrive. After flipping through this Stanley Cup celebration gallery. I figured this would be the perfect day to test this out. Send in your own ideas for next week, so we can make Sundays at Deadspin more absurdly enjoyable. Subject: Pointless Sunday Gallery Post.

Kate Moss

Pete Doherty dangled his model ladyfriend/drug buddy Kate Moss out of a window. Is she playing a kazoo? Unlike the Stanley Cup, Kate Moss was not paraded around in the streets after this occurred.


Michael Jackson's Baby

"Blanket" or whatever its name was part of the most famous act of child endangeerment. I believe Michael Jackson is still its father, or was the baby sold to pay off back taxes? I haven't kept up.


Random Turkish Babies

Well, I'm sure this baby was dangled before it was dropped four stories. The cop below caught it in his jacket, apparently.


Random Pieces of Furniture

This is what comes up when you type the word "defenestrate" into Google images. Yay, for Apartment Therapy.