Here's a note to aspiring journalists. If you're ever interviewing a boxer, mixed martial artist, or pro wrestler, never ask them about the strength (or veracity) of their most punishing moves. They might decide to "demonstrate" on you without asking.

Aaron Tru, of the website MMA Worldwide, found that out the hard way while talking to female fighter Cris "Cyborg" Santos. He asked how long it would take for her to choke out her rival Gina Carano, and Santos answered "three seconds." Then she surprised Tru with a personal chokehold of his own. I'd say he lasted about seven seconds. Not bad!

To be fair to the Cyborg, English is not her first language. It probably did seem to her like he was asking to be knocked unconscious. Happens all the time! Tru was a true professional though, signing off like a champ just a few seconds after nearly having his life snuffed out. Who says bloggers don't know how to do real research?

Aaron Tru interviews Chris Cyborg (Choked Out Mid Interview) [Full Interview @ MMA Worldwide, via Watch Kalib Run]