After not hearing his name in years, you now have two Ed O'Bannon updates in one week. Why? Because after a lengthy discussion about how he's finally come to terms with life after basketball, basketball is back in his life.

O'Bannon—the number one sales person among all former New Jersey Nets at Findlay Toyota in Henderson, Nevada—is the new boys basketball coach at Henderson International School. Henderson is the same school that the players from Findlay College Prep's boys basketball team attend, because Findlay Prep is not an actual school. Findlay Prep was founded by Cliff Findlay who also owns Findlay Toyota. It's the circle of life for amateur athletics boosters doing favors for former athletes.

Henderson has its own team, but they share a gym with Findlay's "national championship" team that only exists to send blue chippers to top flight programs. I wonder if O'Bannon feels better or worse than he did playing for Jim Harrick.


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