OK, it's pretty bad to watch Beckham jog around in his Galaxy Herbalife jersey. But things could be worse. They could be much, much worse.

Burger King is sponsoring Spanish soccer team Getafe for the upcoming season, so they've slapped their logo on the front of the kit. That's fine, although it makes them look like fry cooks. But as per usual, BK just had to go that extra step to make sure we're all sufficiently traumatized.

Included with each kit are instructions for how to celebrate a goal in the traditional European way, namely pulling the shirt up over your head. And what do we, the unsuspecting spectators get to see? Why, the King himself, staring into our very souls with his dead, dead eyes. Just the idea of more than one player doing this simultaneously has me changing my underwear.

According to Google translator, step 5 is "It embosoms to him to all King that you take inside." Sweet dreams.


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