It's 2009, and shark mascots still aren't permitted in a snooty British cricket club. Get PETA on the line — and dial the emergency number. It's urgent!

The game is Saturday, and it looks like Sussex County Cricket Club will be without its mascot, Sid the Shark, because Lord's bans fancy dress. (Got that?) There's even a makeshift petition to let Sid into Lords. Yep, that's right: Hawks are trying to prevent shark discrimination at a cricket match, because the wee tykes are paralyzingly sad.

Harry Gape, 11, of Eastbourne, added: "It is so unfair. Sid is great fun and everyone will miss him if they don't change their minds.

"Sid is not like the vicious shark in Jaws, he is really friendly and has never bitten anyone."

Poor little kid. He just doesn't understand that Lords is simply scared of a shark changing the complexion of their club.

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